Gadget: Alien Moscow

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(as of Oct 28,2020 09:06:34 UTC – Details)

It all started harmlessly enough. On the streets of Moscow, an advertisement for a new gadget called "neurophone" began popping up everywhere. A tiny piece of plastic the size of an earbud, all a person needed to do was insert it into their ear and they’d be immersed into a world of augmented reality. The dull, gray, ordinary days of life would suddenly become unbelievably vibrant, each moment as exciting as the last. With new adventures every day, how could a person ever be bored? What could possibly go wrong?

Sniper, a veteran of many battles, returns to pay a visit to his old hometown of Moscow, the city where he spent his childhood and teenage years. Eager to find a moment’s peace from his life of constant fighting, Sniper discovers that the world seems to have advanced in leaps and bounds, leaving an old, technologically-illiterate warrior like him in the dust. And yet, something sinister is brewing beneath the surface of Moscow. Not everything is as innocent and happy as it seems in the Russian capital.

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