Antiviral herbs: herbs to fight viruses at home

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Viruses are considered to be one of the oldest and most primitive organisms in the world. They are simple biological structures that cannot exist without a host. As we can see, viral infections in the body are common and affect everyone. Most people get viral infections several times a year. Most of these infections are mild, but some can be life-threatening to an infected person.Official medicine has limited possibilities of helping people with viral infections, often medical assistance is limited to relieving the symptoms of the disease.The best solution to the problem of viral diseases is to try to alleviate the symptoms, strengthen the body’s natural immunity and cure yourself of viral infection.Herbs are a natural remedy for viral infections. Compared to medicines offered by official medicine, they are inexpensive, effective, available to everyone, and most importantly, they do not cause negative side effects. All that is needed to use medicinal herbs is to know what herbs to use for viral infections.This book is not a compendium of knowledge about antiviral herbs, but will give beginners the necessary information on where to start with antiviral herbs.

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